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Waste Management Information & Billing Issues

Regarding residential trash & recycling service in Chalfont Borough, Advanced Disposal is in the process of merging with Waste Management and going forward will be collectively known as, “Waste Management.”  Unfortunately, there have been a few hiccups with the merger.  Waste Management (WM) has informed the Borough that in accordance with the single-hauler contract, this quarter’s billing (June 2021) should have seen a small increase in price for the upcoming 12 months (6/1/21 to 5/31/22) of the contract, but that didn’t occur in WM’s software, so residents will see that increase (and the retro charge for the increase that was not included in this quarter’s invoice) on their next quarterly invoice.  The increase is approximately $1.50 (per quarter), so that amount would be doubled and explained on your next quarterly invoice.  After that, only the additional $1.50 increase (per quarter) through 5/31/22 would remain.

If you had autopay set up while the company still operated as “Advanced Disposal” and you recently received a paper copy of your invoice now showing “Waste Management,” this means you have now been transitioned over into Waste Management’s system.  This also means your autopay arrangement with Advanced Disposal has ended and that first WM invoice is not going to be paid automatically (verify this by checking your bank account), and you will need to “manually” (by mailing a check, calling in with your credit card, etc.) pay that new Waste Management invoice that was mailed to you.  If after “manually” paying that first invoice you would like to set up an autopay arrangement with WM for future invoices, you will need to activate your online “My WM Account,” which will enable you (now as a Waste Management customer) to set up autopay or paperless billing, pay your bills online, access pickup and holiday schedules, save a payment method, and set notification preferences in Waste Management’s online system.

If you have more questions about the transition or need to activate your Online WM Account, visit www.wm.com/welcomeADS

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