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Video Series About the History of Chalfont

Chalfont Borough resident, John Abbott, has put together a video series entitled, “A Nostalgic Oral History of Chalfont.”  This project has been in the works for five years.  The latest three videos have been released to the public and can now be viewed on YouTube.

If you are viewing from your computer, the link is:  https://TEBWEB.com/chalfont

If you are viewing with an iPhone, you can get access by going directly to:  TEBWEB.com/chalfont

The links above directly connect you to the Chalfont History channel of the Doylestown Historical Society Video History Series on YouTube.  The three new episodes (of a total of eight) are entitled:
• Episode #8 = “Fire Fighters”
• Episode #7 = “The Toll of War”
• Episode #6 = “The Chalfont School”

Earlier episodes that you can also find on that YouTube channel are:
• Episode #5 = “Forest Park”
• Episode #4 = “Bricks and Mortar”
• Episode #3 = “Barnstorming Main Street”
• Episode #2 = “Motorheads”
• Episode #1 = “Fill Er Up”

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