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Trash and Recycling

By Ordinance, Chalfont Borough has contracted with a single waste & recycling hauler for all residents.  The purpose of this requirement is to reduce the number of large trash trucks traveling Borough streets, which puts enormous wear and tear on our local roads.  Having a single hauler also reduces the number of days per week that trash is placed curbside.  Because of their special needs, businesses are exempt from this requirement, however, small businesses may opt-in to the contract at residential pricing.

The Borough awarded the current trash contract to the lowest bidder, Advanced Disposal, who has since been bought out by Waste Management and the company is now collectively known as “Waste Management,” wm.com.  The Borough’s assigned trash and recycling pick-up day is Friday.  Additionally, there is a cardboard dumpster at the Borough’s Public Works building, located at 500 North Main Street, which is available to all Borough residents.

Waste Management’s Customer Service is 1-800-869-5566 or visit them at wm.com

Bulk/Large Trash Item Pick Up
One bulk/large trash item per week is allowed and must be scheduled in advance for a pick-up.  Scheduling is necessary because a different truck & driver is used for bulk/large trash item pick-ups.  Terms, fees and conditions may apply, and prep may be needed for putting your item curbside.  WM customers can easily schedule bulk/large trash pickups from their own online “My WM” account (recommended).  Please go to wm.com to create an online “My WM” account if you haven’t already done so, and have a copy of your bill on hand to reference your account number.  Once you’ve registered through WM’s website, you can manage your account online, which includes scheduling bulk/large trash pick-ups.  If you don’t have an online “My WM” account and don’t intend to create one, then try calling 1-800-869-5566 for help with scheduling a bulk/large trash pick-up.

Some items considered to be bulk/large trash include:

• Appliances (without CFC-Freon)*
• Household furniture (mattresses must be wrapped in plastic)
• Yard trimmings – bundled for composting

A bulk/large trash item consists of a single piece of furniture, a single appliance, carpeting (cut up 4 ft. wide, rolled and tied), set of mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic for collector’s protection), etc.  *Appliances containing CFC-Freon such as freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners cannot be included as part of bulk/large trash pick-up.  You must contact Waste Management to make special arrangements for pick-up of these CFC-Freon containing items and there is an extra charge for pick-up of appliances containing Freon.  You can also check Bucks County’s Recycling information page for more options on recycling, www.buckscounty.org/recycling

If a holiday falls on the Borough’s assigned trash day (Friday), then pick up will be on the next day (Saturday).  The following are considered holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Leaf Collection
Leaf Collection Dates for 2023:

• On these dates, biodegradable leaf collection bags must be used.  PLASTIC bags with leaf waste will NOT be collected.
• No loose, tied or bundled twigs and/or tree trimmings in or out of leaf collection bags will be accepted on Leaf Collection Day, this pick up is for leaves only.
• Please have biodegradable leaf bags set at curbside the night before pick-up.

Customers will be billed individually and directly by Waste Management every three months.  Invoices state that payment is “DUE UPON RECEIPT.”  To avoid late charges, it’s recommended that you pay your WM invoice promptly.  If you choose to mail your payment to the remittance address on your invoice, please be aware that there are occasional delays within USPS and late charges will be applied to your account as a result of any delayed mailed payments.  To avoid any delays, residents also have the option to pay their bill online by going to wm.com and clicking on the Pay My Bill link at the top of the page.  You will need your account number so have the copy of your bill on hand.  You can also sign up for an online “My WM” account through WM’s website which then also gives you the option of setting up auto-pay arrangements.  If you have any questions, you can contact Waste Management’s customer service for this area by calling 1-800-869-5566.

Annual Cost of Service beginning June 1, 2018
Current contract ends on 5/31/23.

6/1/18 through
6/1/19 through
6/1/20 through
6/1/21 through
6/1/22 through
$229.32 $236.20 $243.29 $250.59 $258.11
Senior Rate
(Age 62+)
$190.56 $196.28 $202.17 $208.24 $214.49
Freon Disposal
(per pick-up)
$48.00 $48.00 $48.00 $48.00 $48.00


Waste Management offers Single Stream Recycling.  All household recyclables can be mixed together and placed in your recycling toter.  A list of acceptable items is on WM’s Recycling 101 page, and short list is also available below.  Please also click here for more comprehensive information about WM’s recycling program and to read about some common myths surrounding recycling.
Some of the acceptable items for recycling are:

  • aluminum beverage cans (rinsed);
  • steel and tin food cans (rinsed);
  • clear, green, or brown glass jars and bottles (please remove lids and rinse);
  • plastic containers labeled 1 through 7 (discard lids, rinse, and flatten plastic);
  • newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and phone books;
  • paper egg cartons (flattened);
    PLEASE NOTE: styrofoam of any kind is not accepted;
  • junk mail;
    PLEASE NOTE: shredded paper can’t be recycled, it falls to bottom of the machines.  Place bags of shredded paper out with your trash.

A CARDBOARD ONLY dumpster is available for public use at the Public Works building located at 500 North Main Street.  Please make sure all cardboard deposited is broken down flat before putting into dumpster.

Trash Service
Trash and recycling will be collected on Fridays in Chalfont Borough.  Every resident in the single-hauler program is provided with a 96 gallon container unless you have expressed otherwise to the hauler.  Each residential unit in the program shall be entitled to set out for collection an amount of household solid waste and recyclable materials not to exceed a total of six (6) containers, receptacles, bundles or bags for weekly pick up.

*NOTE: If a holiday falls on a Friday, trash and recycling will be picked up on Saturday.

Please place your trash and recycling containers curbside the night before pick up.  Do not place your containers in the street!

Yard Waste
Yard waste can be placed for collection each week with your trash, but total trash and yard waste for a single pick-up cannot exceed six (6) containers, receptacles, bundles or bags.  Yard waste consists of grass clippings, small branches (cut 4 ft. long and bundled for easy handling), shrubbery clippings, and leaves.  Yard waste should be placed curbside with your household trash and will be disposed of with your trash.

Twice a year, the Borough provides a dumpster at 40 N. Main St. for residents to deposit YARD WASTE ONLY.  Branches from trees, bushes and shrubs, tree limbs, and brown biodegradable leaf collection bags are the ONLY items that can be put into the dumpster and NOTHING ELSE, especially NO SWING SETS.  The dumpster is in place until filled to the top edge (do not over-fill) and this usually takes about a week.  The yard waste dumpster dates for 2023 are as follows:



Recycling Resources

Bucks County’s Household Hazardous Waste & Recycling Information page

Bucks County 2023 Hazardous Household Waste Events Flyer

Buck County’s E-Cycling information

Please see the Recycling Resource Lists collected and researched by the CB South Environmental Club:

Residential Electronics Recycling Information

Commercial Electronics Recycling Hazardous Waste Disposal Information

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