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**Due to COVID-19:  Keystone Collections Group, along with all other TCD’s in the Commonwealth will extend the final return filing deadline to July 15, following Federal and state filing extensions. 

Chalfont Borough Tax Collector collects Real Estate Property Borough and County taxes. Borough and County Taxes are due by June 30 and payable to Chalfont Borough. A 2% discount applies if paid by April 30. Taxes paid after June 30 will incur a 10% penalty.

Local Income Tax Information

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Chalfont Borough Tax Collector

Attn: Barbara Klingerman
40 North Main Street
Chalfont, PA 18914
Phone: 215-822-7295 x200
Fax: 215-822-5528

The 2020 tax millage is as follows:

County 25.4500
Borough (13.75 general purposes + 2.75 debt service) 16.5
Fire 1.25
Ambulance 0.50
Delinquent Taxes

Keystone Collections Group issued delinquent earned income tax notices for Chalfont Borough.  To see the notice sent, please click here.  Taxpayers may call Keystone Collections Group with any questions at 1-866-539-1100.

Tax Certification

Real Estate Tax Certification is available by written request for $25.00 per year of certification. Checks must be made payable to Chalfont Borough and mailed with request to 40 North Main Street, Chalfont, PA 18914.

Central Bucks School District Taxes

School Taxes are paid to Central Bucks School District, and mailed to:
Nicole Percetti, Tax Collector
207 Park Avenue
Chalfont, PA 18914
Phone: 215-822-2930


Resident Information:  As an employed person residing in Chalfont, you are responsible for a yearly earned income tax of 1% which is payable to Keystone Collection Group. Your employer should be withholding this from your paycheck, as required by law. Each resident will be receiving a tax form from Keystone Collection Group in the mail at the beginning of the year. Half of the 1% is for the Central Bucks School District and half for Chalfont Borough.

Employer Information: As part of the tax law changes brought upon by Act 32, the school districts and municipalities of the Bucks County Tax Collection District selected Keystone Collections Group as the new countywide earned income tax collector beginning in 2011.

To assist employers in the transition to new local tax withholding requirements, Keystone mailed information to employers along with new tax forms and on-line filing instructions.  They also set up a special toll free hotline to help employers through the on-line filing process.  The toll-free business hotline is 1-888-328-0558.

Additionally, Keystone provides all the necessary forms, links to information and payroll instructions for business owners on its website at www.keystonecollects.com. Businesses can electronically submit withholding information, file returns and even make tax payments.  The web system is paperless and simple for businesses.  Chalfont Borough’s Political Subdivision Code (PSD Code) is 090502. You will need this information when filing the necessary forms.

With more than 25 years in the tax collection industry, Keystone Collections Group offers fully automated tax collection services driven by cutting-edge technology, in addition to years of legal and accounting expertise.

Click here to find your PSD code by address.


Chalfont Borough Ordinance 368 requires all employees pay this tax during the time they are employed in the Borough. As an employer located in Chalfont, you are responsible for withholding this tax from your employees and filing quarterly tax returns with Keystone Collections Group. If you are self-employed, you are responsible for filing and paying this tax for you and any employees you may have.
The revenue from this tax is vital in maintaining the services the Borough provides, from road maintenance to public safety to parks and recreation.  It is also important to note that half of this tax goes to support the volunteer fire and ambulance services.

At www.keystonecollects.com, Keystone Collections Group has compiled tax resources geared to help employers and individual taxpayers. These resources include online filing, tax form downloads and links to special web pages offering information for taxpayers.  Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to questions you may have.


The Bucks County Board of Assessment determines the current market value of a property. If a property owner would like to appeal the real estate taxes for their property, they would contact this organization to begin the appeals process.

Disabled Veterans Real Estate Exemption Program

Provides real estate tax exemption for any honorably discharged veteran who is 100% disabled, a resident of the Commonwealth and has financial need.