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Before signing up for “Chalfont Borough News,” you may not be aware that just because your property has a “Chalfont, PA  18914” postal mailing address, which is assigned by the United States Postal Service (USPS), that doesn’t necessarily mean your property is located within the municipality of Chalfont Borough.  There are four other municipalities that have some properties with “Chalfont, PA  18914” as part of their assigned USPS postal mailing address, and they are:  New Britain Township, Warrington Township, Hilltown Township, and New Britain Borough.

If your property’s Tax Map Parcel (TMP) number starts with a “07” then you can be assured you are a Chalfont Borough resident.  Your property tax bill has your TMP number on it, and it also has your designated municipality noted on it.  If you don’t have your tax bill handy and don’t know your property’s TMP number, you can use this map to identify your property location, tax parcel number, and also see which municipality your property is located in.  It’s a “Bucks County Parcel and Floodplain Viewer” map from Bucks County’s website. After you click on the map link above and agree to the terms, type your property address into the search field at the top left corner of the screen (i.e. “123 Anywhere Rd. Chalfont”), then click inside the highlighted parcel boundary for more information about your property.