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During warm weather and longer days, solicitors will be out and about. No matter what they are offering, whether it is pesticide services, selling home security, replacement windows, etc., you do not need to listen.

If you are interested in talking to the solicitor, it is important to stay cautious. Authorized solicitors in Chalfont Borough must have a permit; ask to see it. Many scammers put great effort into impersonating company representatives, so even if you recognize the company, don’t put all of your trust in this stranger.

Never invite them inside your home. They may pressure you because a position inside the house makes it harder to get them to leave.

What can you do about unwanted solicitation?  Here are a few tips:

Put up a NO SOLICITING sign near your front door. This is a simple and effective way to deter most door-to-door solicitors. However, determined or desperate salespeople may still choose not to respect this message and continue to knock on your door. You can download a sign from the Forms page on the Chalfont Borough website:


If you live in Chalfont Borough, you may also register on the “Do Not Knock” list. Any solicitor applying for a permit will be given a list of addresses from the Central Bucks Regional Police Department (where they apply for their permit).  Please note:  you may have a Chalfont mailing address but not actually reside within the borough limits.


Call the police if a solicitor refuses to leave, seems suspicious, or if you feel unsafe. Chalfont Borough is served by the Central Bucks Regional Police Department at 215-345-4143.

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