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Solicitation/Do-Not-Knock List

If you are a vendor/business and would like to apply for a permit to solicit within the borders of Chalfont Borough, it must be done through the Central Bucks Regional Police Department, which provides police services for all of Chalfont Borough.

If you are a Chalfont Borough resident and would like to curb solicitors from knocking on your door, you may post a “No Solicitation” sign on your property.  Click here for a “No Solicitation” sign that you can post in your window.

Chalfont Borough also has a “Do-Not-Knock” list provided to permitted solicitors.  This listing is for Chalfont Borough residents only.  You may have a Chalfont 18914 mailing address, but actually reside in Doylestown Township, Hilltown Township, New Britain Township, or Warrington Township.  To find out the municipality in which you reside, use the Bucks County GIS Map link and after you “Agree,” in the upper left hand corner search bar type in your street address AND town and hit the return key.  When you click on your parcel, a window with more details about your property will open and that is where your municipality will be listed, i.e. Chalfont Borough, New Britain Borough, New Britain Township, etc.  Chalfont Borough residents can click here to be included on the Borough’s “Do-Not-Knock” list.