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Snow reminders AGAIN!!!!

Hey All with the storm approaching tomorrow here are some reminders:

*Residents, even those with permits must move their cars off the streets as soon as the first snow falls. All Borough streets are snow emergency routes. Please take some time today to plan for your vehicles, especially if you live on Elm Circle or Oxford Lane. The fine for leaving your car on the street is $200.

*Do not shovel or snow blow your snow back into the street. This causes hours of added time to our plows and can cause delays on when all roads will be safely opened for travel.

* We know that residents hate the “windrows” (those long piles of snow on each side of the road) that plows leave behind, and that often bury freshly shoveled sidewalks and driveway aprons. Every year we receive calls from angry folks that the plow has “pushed the snow back in their driveway”. Unfortunately, the reality is that these “windrows” are an unavoidable part of plowing. You can reduce the amount of snow that ends up in a windrow in front of your drive or on your sidewalk by clearing snow as shown in the attached diagram.

*Property owners are required to clear their sidewalks within 12 hours of an ice or snow event. Excessive ice must be treated with sand or an abrasive material substance for safe pedestrian travel.

*Keep all portable basketball hoops and trash cans out of the street so that they do not interfere with snow plowing

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