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READY BUCKS ALERT SYSTEM  (Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news & trash alerts. You pick the mode of communication you prefer, as well as the municipalities that are of interest to you.)

DOG LICENSE (buckscounty.org)

TO VOTE (buckscounty.org)

Register for Chalfont Borough’s Solicitation Do-Not-Knock List below.  PLEASE NOTE: There are five municipalities that share “Chalfont, PA 18914” as the mailing address for (some) properties and that is due to the Post Office being located in Chalfont Borough and assigning those mailing addresses.  Just because your mailing address is “Chalfont, PA 18914” does not necessarily mean you are located in Chalfont Borough, your property may actually be in located in either New Britain Township, Warrington Township, New Britain Borough, or Hilltown Township.  Only actual Chalfont Borough physical addresses will be eligible for this list.


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