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Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains Borough buildings and equipment, as well as performs general road maintenance on Borough-owned roads, and performs open space upkeep.


To report potholes or road issues on Borough-owned roads, please call:  215-822-7295 x400.

To report potholes on State-owned roads (see list below), please call PennDOT at 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623).  To report an urgent issue on a State-owned road within Chalfont Borough, contact PennDOT’s local Bucks County office at 215-345-6060.  You can also use PennDOT’s website to report road & bridge concerns, and/or report property damage claims by using this link to the Customer Care portion of PennDOT’s website:  https://customercare.penndot.gov/

State-owned roads within Chalfont Borough are:

• Bristol Road
• Butler Avenue
• North Main Street
• Park Avenue
• South Limekiln Pike
• Sunset Avenue

PLEASE NOTE:  Chalfont Borough has no control over any maintenance issues regarding state-owned roads.