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Parking between 1am-6am in the Borough

Hey All. Guess what? We have an overnight parking ban in most neighborhoods in the Borough. The ban is from 1 am to 6 am. If you are parked on Borough roads during that time you may get ticketed and the tickets are $25. If you have a TEMPORARY issue and need to park on the street (construction on your home, out of town guests, etc) please call Central Bucks Regional PD and they will note the exception 215-345-4143. If it’s after hours call the Bucks County Dispatch at 215-348-4680.

This exemption is for temporary issues only, it can’t be used for regular occurrences (i.e. parking a work truck there once per week, kids home from college, etc).

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


One thought on “Parking between 1am-6am in the Borough”

  1. You have to lift the ban for people with out-of-state licenses plates. I don’t live PA, I only go up there to visit ever so often. You are issuing tickets to people that don’t know this law. I never saw any sign posted stating this law either. I’m being charged now, and it will take longer then 5 days for the postal service to mail a check depending on location. You can’t charge and expect everyone to know that “it’s against the law for parking on a public street between 1am-6am.” Furthermore, if you must keep this law, then you must instate a warning. You can’t charge people without warnings.

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