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Online Services

Bucks County Board of Assessment

The Bucks County Board of Assessment determines the current market value of a property.  If a property owner would like to appeal the real estate taxes for their property, they may contact this organization to begin the appeals process.  Click here for a link to the Bucks County Residential Property Assessment Appeal form.

Chalfont Borough Code

General Code is the company Chalfont Borough used to codify its Borough Code.  This allows the Borough Code to be accessed online, as well as providing online access to meeting minutes, resolutions, and special documents.  You can use the search field if you are looking for something specific.

Search tip:  if you want to search a phrase, put those words in quotes.  For example, if you type “street trees”, you will receive everything for the words street AND trees (about 7 results).  If you did not use quotation marks, you would receive over 415 results capturing everything with the word street OR trees.

Chalfont Borough Calendar