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How do I obtain a Building Permit?

Either download the Building & Zoning Permit Application from the Forms Page or come to the Borough Office any weekday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM for assistance and paper forms.  Please be aware that all contractors must be registered to work in the Borough and be properly insured. The Contractor Registration Form is also available online or at the Borough Office.  Please call the Borough Office at 215-822-7295 if you need assistance completing the application. The Building Code Inspector/Zoning Officer is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM to answer your questions.

What happens after I submit my Building Permit Application?

 The permit is assigned a number and processed by the Building Code Inspector/Zoning Officer, who will contact you when the permit is ready.

What is the cost for a Building Permit?

 Building Permit Fees are determined by the current Fee Schedule set forth by Chalfont Borough Resolution.  The applicant is contacted by phone or email with the amount due when the permit is ready for pick-up.

How do I get a dog license?

 Dog licenses are obtained through Bucks County.  Visit the County’s website for more information.

Where do I vote?

 Chalfont Borough’s polling place is the United Methodist Church, 11 Meadowbrook Lane, Chalfont, at the corner of Meadowbrook Lane and West Butler Avenue.  Polls are open on election day from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

When should a Use and Occupancy permit be obtained?

 A “Use and Occupancy Permit” and its preceding inspection are required whenever Chalfont Borough real estate is bought or sold, or when occupancy changes (as in residential rental units or businesses).  There is a $75 fee to apply for this permit (available to download from our Forms Page or at the Borough office) and includes a first and, if needed, a second inspection.  There is an additional $25 fee for each subsequent inspection needed after that.

How do I obtain a Solicitation Permit?

 If you wish to solicit in the Borough of Chalfont, you must first stop by the Central Bucks Regional Police Department (CBRPD) administration office, located at 229 N. Broad Street in Doylestown, and complete an application for a Solicitation Permit.  Office hours for applications and permits are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

ALL PERSONS in your group must appear in person and complete an individual application (example: 8 people = 8 applications).  These applications must be filled out by each individual in person at Central Bucks Regional Police Department’s administration building, NO EXCEPTIONS.  As part of the application process, the applicant shall pay a non-refundable application fee to CBRPD for obtaining the applicant’s criminal history/record.  Alternatively, the applicant may obtain his/her criminal history/record directly from the Pennsylvania State Police and present it to the Central Bucks Regional Police Department as part of the application process provided it is dated within 90 days of the permit application.

All applicants are required to supply the following:
1. Currently, there is a $50 non-refundable application fee per application.
2. PLUS one of the following fees PER PERSON as specified in the Borough’s Fee Schedule: Daily Fee of $25; Weekly Fee of $100; Monthly Fee of $200; paid after applicant is cleared by background/criminal history check.
3. Two forms of identification.
4. Two passport-size photos (for police department records only).
5. Criminal History Report on every individual in group.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the Solicitation Permit process, fees, and the rules an regulations regarding soliciting in Chalfont Borough, please read Ordinance 423.  It is a Chalfont Borough Ordinance regulating door-to-door soliciting and canvassing, providing a registry for those who do not wish to receive door-to-door solicitors, the days/times when permitted soliciting is allowed in the Borough, the rules for solicitation, and the fines for for violating the rules, etc.