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Code and Zoning

Chalfont Borough
c/o Keystone Municipal Services
40 North Main Street
Chalfont, PA  18914

Phone:  215-822-7295     x205
Fax:        215-822-5528
Email:    info@chalfontborough.com

Hours:   Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:00pm – 4:00pm


To ensure building specifications and materials used are in compliance with the 2009 International Building Code through a process of plan reviews and scheduled building inspections.

Construction Code

All Pennsylvania jurisdictions follow the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (PA UCC).  The PA UCC is the administrative regulation which references the construction codes to be followed.  Chalfont Borough Code Enforcement and Zoning Department follows the 2009 ICC (International Codes Council) Code Series as adopted by ACT 45 (the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code).  The PA UCC is administered by the PA Department of Labor & Industry and you can access the full regulations by visiting their Uniform Construction Code homepage.


How do I obtain a Building Permit?

Either download the Building Permit Application from our Forms Page or come to the Borough Office any weekday from 9:00am – 4:00pm for assistance and paper forms.  Please be aware that your contractor must be registered to work in the Borough and be properly insured. The Contractor Registration Form is also available on our Forms Page or at the Borough Office.

I have questions on how to complete the forms.

If you need assistance completing the application, the Building Inspector/Zoning Officer is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00pm – 4:00pm to answer your questions. Please call 215-822-7295.

What is the cost for a Building Permit?

The Permit Fee is set by a formula approved by Chalfont Borough Fee Schedule. The final cost will be available when you are notified that the permit is ready for pick-up. All contractors must register with the borough and provide proof of insurance. The Contractor Registration Fee is $50.00 annually (Jan-Dec). Home improvement contractors certified with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will not be charged.

What happens after I submit my Building Permit?

The Permit is assigned an identification number and processed by the Building Inspector/Zoning Officer. You will be contacted when the permit is ready. For residential properties the permit should be ready within 15 business days; for commercial properties allow 30 business days

When should I schedule an inspection?

Your issued permit will include a list of inspections that must be completed during construction and when the job is finished. Call the borough office at 215-822-7295. The receptionist will schedule your appointment. Please have your building permit number available when you call. (It is located on the upper right-hand corner of your permit.)

Do I need a permit for a fence or manufactured shed?

You must submit an application for Zoning Certificate, along with a plot diagram indicated where the fence or shed will be installed in relation to your property line, house, street, etc.

What is a U&O?

A Residential Use and Occupancy inspection and subsequent Certificate is required whenever real estate in the borough is sold or rented to a new tenant. The application is available to download or may be picked up at the borough office. Included in the application is a check list of items included in the inspection. The fee for the application is $75.00 and includes one additional inspection if necessary. Non-Residential Use and Occupancy inspection is necessary for businesses opening or changing ownership within the borough.

Fee Schedule

View the Chalfont Borough Fee Schedule.  Please note that all fees are subject to change by an act of Borough Council.


Please contact the Borough Office at 215-822-7295 to schedule an inspection.  If possible, please provide your permit number to the receptionist when scheduling.


By law, the Building and Zoning office has 15 business days to review Residential Building Permits,  30 business days to review Commercial Building Permits, and 45 business days to review Zoning Permits.
Penalties can be assessed for beginning work without a permit.  You can find all permit forms on our Forms Page

Online Borough Code

The Code for Chalfont Borough is now available online. You can view the E-Code by visiting:  http://www.ecode360.com/CH0570  or visit the General Code Publishers website:  http://www.generalcode.com/ecode360/PA .
General Code is a company we have used to codify our Borough Code.  This allows us to have our Borough Code online, as well as meeting minutes, resolutions, and special documents.  Having these items readily available online might be easier than flipping through hard copies.  You may also use the search field if you are looking for something specific.

When searching here is a tip:  if you want to search on a phrase, put those words in quotes.  For example, if you type “street trees”, you will receive everything for the words street AND trees (about 5 results).  If you did not use quotes, you would receive over 200 results, capturing everything with the word street OR trees.

To view PDFs, you will need Adobe Reader.