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Borough Council

Chalfont Borough Council consists of seven (7) elected officials, serving four-year terms, who perform primary legislative functions such as setting policy, enacting ordinances and resolutions, adopting budgets, and levying taxes.

Borough Council supervises the Borough Manager, who oversees the day-to-day operations of Chalfont Borough.  Borough Council meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, and if necessary, again on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  All meetings are currently be held in-person at Chalfont Borough Hall, 40 North Main Street.  If you’d like to participate or make a comment, please attend a meeting.  Please contact the Borough office with any other questions by calling 215-822-7295.



Brian D. Wallace, Mayor



Borough Council


Tracey Bowen


John Engel, President


Mark Glidden


Marilyn Jacobson


Michael Kelly


Mitchell Meyerson


Agendas (current month)

Online minutes 2006 – present

General Code is a company we have used to codify our Borough Code.  This allows us to have our Borough Code online, as well as meeting minutes, resolutions, and special documents.  Having these items readily available online might be easier than flipping through hard copies.  You may also use the search field if you are looking for something specific.

When searching here is a tip:  if you want to search on a phrase, put those words in quotes.  For example, if you type “street trees,” you will receive everything for the words street AND trees (about seven results).  If you did not use quotes, you would receive over 415 results capturing everything with the word street OR trees.

Packets (current month)

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