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No solicitation/do not knock list

Did you know that solicitation is only allowed via permit?  And if you would like to curb solicitors from knocking on your door, you may post a “No Solicitation” sign on your property.  Click here for a “No Solicitation” sign that you can post in your window.

Chalfont Borough also has a “Do-Not-Knock” list provided to permitted solicitors.  This listing is for Chalfont Borough residents only.  You may have a Chalfont 18914 mailing address, but actually reside in Doylestown Township, Hilltown Township, New Britain Township, or Warrington Township.  To find out the municipality in which you reside, use the Bucks County GIS Map link and after you “Agree,” in the upper left hand corner search bar type in your street address AND town and hit the return key.  When you click on your parcel, a window more details about your property will open and that is where your municipality will be listed, i.e. Chalfont Borough, New Britain Borough, New Britain Township, etc.  Chalfont Borough residents can click here to be included on the Borough’s “Do-Not-Knock” list.

Chalfont 5K road closures 6/2/2018

The Chalfont Borough 5k is this Saturday.  Click here for a Map of the Road Closures.

If you live along the race route and need to leave in the morning, please make arrangements to park your car outside of the race route so that you can get to where you need to be.  We understand that this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary.  This race makes a huge difference in the funding of our parks and trails.

Road Closures from 7:30am to 11am:

North Main Street from Butler Avenue to Rosemore Drive

Church Street, Chestnut Street and a portion of Park avenue

Swartz, Maple, Barness, West Hamilton

Sunset Avenue from North Main to Westview Drive

Lynwood, Birchwood and Rosemore Drive

Bristol Road Extension Project

PennDOT to Host Open House Meeting for Bristol Road Extension Project in Bucks County 

King of Prussia, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will hold an open house project update meeting on Tuesday, June 5, at 7:00 PM in the Unami Middle School Cafeteria at 160 Moyer Road in Chalfont Borough, for the upcoming Bristol Road Extension Project in Chalfont and New Britain boroughs and New Britain Township, Bucks County. 

The project involves constructing a two-lane extension of Bristol Road from Butler Avenue to Park Avenue to improve traffic flow in the Chalfont area. 

The purpose of the meeting is to present the public with progress plans and a status update on the project. The meeting will be conducted as an open-house plans display where citizens will have the opportunity to circulate among the subject displays to gather information and discuss the different facets of the project with PennDOT’s design team.  

Construction bids on this project are expected to be opened in late 2022. 

For more information on projects occurring or being bid this year, those made possible by or accelerated by Act 89, or those on the department’s Four and Twelve Year Plans, visit www.projects.penndot.gov.


Snow reminders AGAIN!!!!

Hey All with the storm approaching tomorrow here are some reminders:

*Residents, even those with permits must move their cars off the streets as soon as the first snow falls. All Borough streets are snow emergency routes. Please take some time today to plan for your vehicles, especially if you live on Elm Circle or Oxford Lane. The fine for leaving your car on the street is $200.

*Do not shovel or snow blow your snow back into the street. This causes hours of added time to our plows and can cause delays on when all roads will be safely opened for travel.

* We know that residents hate the “windrows” (those long piles of snow on each side of the road) that plows leave behind, and that often bury freshly shoveled sidewalks and driveway aprons. Every year we receive calls from angry folks that the plow has “pushed the snow back in their driveway”. Unfortunately, the reality is that these “windrows” are an unavoidable part of plowing. You can reduce the amount of snow that ends up in a windrow in front of your drive or on your sidewalk by clearing snow as shown in the attached diagram.

*Property owners are required to clear their sidewalks within 12 hours of an ice or snow event. Excessive ice must be treated with sand or an abrasive material substance for safe pedestrian travel.

*Keep all portable basketball hoops and trash cans out of the street so that they do not interfere with snow plowing

Parking in Chalfont Borough

Parking in Chalfont has changed, here is everything you need to know:

After nearly two years of studying the parking ordinance in Chalfont Borough, Borough Council passed Ordinance #441, amending parking regulations within the borough. Key changes include:

  • Our Borough Rule of no parking between the hours of 1:00am-6:00am was upheld with the exception of Oxford Lane and Elm Circle.
  • 1:00am-6:00am parking violators will be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $25.00 plus costs. This represents a $20 increase to the fine amount which has never previously been increased.
  • All Borough streets are designated as snow emergency routes. This means you must not park on Borough Streets during snow events. In order for us to plow effectively we need to plow curb to curb. During a single snow event, not plowing curb to curb isn’t a big deal. But when we have cumulative winter effect, with no snow melting, you could see how roads could quickly narrow, becoming a safety issue. The fine for violating parking prohibitions in snow emergency routes has been raised to $200.00.
  • The fine for parking in a fire zone has been increased to $75.00.
  • Parking in borough parking lots adjacent to park and recreation facilities with the exception of the parking lot at 40 North Main Street, shall be prohibited between the hours of 1:00am-6:00am. We have a problem with residents parking vehicles overnight in Borough Parks, specifically Chestnut Street Park. Per this change overnight parking is not allowed there. Please be advised that any vehicles found in the lot overnight will be ticketed $25. We need the lots clear and available for park users.

Thank you for observing our parking rules! If you have any questions feel free to contact the Borough Manager.


2018 Bucks County Recycling Guide

On behalf of the staff at the Bucks County Planning Commission, please find a PDF version of the newly updated 2018 Recycling Guide. 

Nearly 80% or more of the daily call volume at the Bucks County Planning Commission is from concerned residents who are looking for direction on safe and legal disposal alternatives for various household waste items. The 2018 Recycling Guide is meant to provide guidance, organized by material type, as to how and where to safely and legally dispose of these various items.  

We trust this will help residents to safely dispose of household materials and to further enhance our commitment to a healthy environment! 

Please also note that the Bucks County Planning Commission is currently scheduling the 2018 Household Hazardous Waste Collection events and will notify you once the final dates and locations have been confirmed.


101 North Main Street project

Chalfont Borough Facilities Committee along with Borough Council is pleased to announce our newest project! The Facilities Committee has spent the past 12 months scoping a project that both provides parking, brings life into our Borough Core, and saves the historic building at 101 N. Main Street. The added bonus is our future tenant oWowCow. We are finalizing the grant documents for a redevelopment project at 101 N. Main Street. The historic property was originally purchased to house a new police station and parking lot, but with the regionalization, we no longer needed a Police Station. Around the same time we regionalized, we received notice that we had received a $1 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant allocation. We will be converting the property into an awesome oWowCow location in Spring of 2019. We are also creating a 40+ spot municipal parking lot which will partially be utilized for additional SEPTA parking. We feel that this project achieves revitalization goals we have had for some time (added parking, walk-able vibrant downtown businesses). The project is being funded through a combination of the RACP grant and Borough matching funds.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXsZ99pIISM&sns=em