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Blasting in the Borough

We have received notification that the blasting contractor for Chalfont View (Westview Avenue area) will begin their work on Monday, July 24th.  The blasting is necessary to facilitate rock removal for utility trenches, etc.

  1. There will not be any dramatic loud explosions or debris and dust flying high into the air. The detonations will be sub-terrain in nature.
  2. The closest residents can and probably will feel vibrations. They will range in duration from 3 to 18 seconds each. If they detonate a series of charges in a row like dominoes, this will extend the duration of the vibrations.
  3. The blasting may last up to two weeks long, all dependent upon how well their work goes. There may or may not be detonations every day, but the site supervisor says no more than 2 weeks.
  4. The blasting will be seismically monitored to confirm the blast induced ground vibration levels are within regulatory limits, and therefore, not capable of having an adverse effect on any neighboring structures.

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