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PFC Aqua PA Water Update

PFC Aqua PA Water Update:  The well that was reported at 68 parts per trillion last Friday has officially been taken offline and replaced with an interconnection to another water system.  It was not used by Aqua since July 15th when the tests results came back.  Additionally, representatives from Aqua PA will be at our August 9th Borough Council meeting at 7 pm at Borough Hall.  All are welcome to attend.


Public Notice


Notice is hereby given to all parties in interest that the Chalfont Borough Zoning Hearing Board will hold a Public Hearing in the Borough Hall located at 40 North Main Street, Chalfont, PA on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

This Hearing is scheduled to consider an application from 13 North Main, LLC requesting the following interpretations and relief from the Chalfont Borough Zoning Ordinance:

An interpretation that the applicant be permitted to lease the accessory structures associated with a residential use at 13 N. Main St. to third parties for storage in reliance with previously issued Occupancy Certificate or in the alternative a Variance from Sections 27-406 and 27-1103 to establish a G4 Mini Warehouse Use.

The subject property is located at 13 North Main Street more specifically identified as TMP No. 07-006-089 and is located within the BC-Borough Commercial Zoning District.

This notice is in compliance with the Chalfont Borough Zoning Ordinance.

Interested parties may appear at the Public Hearing and/or may view the application and any plans relating thereto at the Chalfont Borough Hall located at 40 North Main Street, Chalfont, PA.

Public Water Quality

Today Chalfont Borough was notified by Aqua PA of the presence of PFCs in the wells that serve Chalfont Borough.  Please view our Water Quality info page for all of the information regarding our water quality, PFCs and the steps Aqua is taking as a result of these results.

Aqua PA provides all Chalfont Borough residents with public water. Click here for information relative to Chalfont Borough water.

Junior Council Member

Are you interested in local government? Are you a local high school student who lives in Chalfont Borough? If so, we have a great volunteer position for you!  Chalfont Borough’s Junior Council member attends Chalfont’s monthly Council meeting, and gets involved in special projects such as our 5K race, Chalfont Evening event and more.  This is a great learning experience for students intent on serving their community. Interested students should send a cover letter and completed volunteer application form to Chalfont Borough for consideration.  Any questions, call us during regular business hours.